I (he/him) was born in Phoenix, Arizona and have been programming since around age 7 when I started creating flash games to upload onto NewGrounds.com. Before that, I was playing online games like Pirates of the Caribbean Online and Last Chaos.

When I turned 14, I started creating MySpace themes for my friends and family by learning HTML and CSS. That led me into creating websites for my friends and family's businesses. At age 18, I got contracted to create a website for a local politian who was running for office at the time.

At age 19, I started to learn C# and how to create games inside of Unity. At that time, I also began learning PHP and JavaScript to build more interactive websites and applications. During my learning period, I got the chance to build my first store page for a local bakery company.

In 2019, I enrolled to Bloom Institute of Technology (formerly Lambda School) to study Data Science, which included Python, predictive analysis, and machine learning. During that time, I was hired as a team lead which further helped me develop my Python and team building skills.

Currently, I am enrolled at Full Sail University, where I am studying for my BS in Game Development. There, I am learning Unreal Engine, C++ and refining my C# skills as well. I also work as a contract and freelance web designer and developer.

Skill & Experience

C# - 7 years
HTML - 5 years
CSS - 5 years
PHP - 5 years
JavaScript - 3 years
Python - 3 years
Java - 1 year
C++ - 1 year


Full Sail University

BS Game Development (In progress) | 2021 - Mar 2024

Coursework included: C#, Unity, C++, Unreal Engine, Python

Lambda Schools | 2019 - 2021

Apprenticeship in Data Science

Coursework included: Descriptive & Predictive Statistics, Data Engineering,
Machine Learning, & Deep Learning

Professional Experience

Experis Game Solutions - Arizona

Software Development Engineer I (In-Office/Remote)

Aug 2023 - Present

* Writing and maintaining C# game testing/automation software and C++ Game code
* Setup testing automations
* Monitoring the the technical performance of internal systems

Data Software Test Engineer II (In-Office/Remote)

Feb 2023 - Aug 2023

* Authored and maintained PowerBi Dashboards
* Designed and created websites for clients based on their needs and programmed administrator pages for updating and changing content
* Communicated advanced data insights to internal and external teams
* Presented data centric reports, test reviews, and process improvements to clients
* Partnered with leads and STEs to define and identify telemetry plans

Web Developer (Contracted)

Self Employed - Arizona | 2013 - Feb 2023 (Ongoing)

Designed and created websites for clients based on their needs and programmed administrator pages for updating and changing content

Shader & C# Programmer (Remote)

Martian Games Studio - California | Feb 2022 - June 2022

* Created and tested AI state machines with C# and programmed shaders using Unity's URP (Universal Render Pipeline)
* Troubleshooted multiplayer NPC AI to fix bugs and optimize code
* Coordinated remotely with a team of 3 to create multiplayer AI
* Created and managed URP scenes for an open world cityscape and subway scene

Data Science Team Lead (Remote)

Bloom Institute of Technology (formerly Lambda School) - California | Oct 2019 - Jan 2020

* Led a cohort of 20 students in team meetings and group projects, and graded student assignments
* Created testing materials and monitored GitHub repositories to keep code up to current programming standards
* Worked with Section Lead to incorporate new ideas and projects into cirriculum, including new python module and upgrading from Python 2.7 to Python 3

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