Jordan Ireland

Jordan Ireland

Data Scientist & Web Development

 Scottsdale, AZ, US

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About Me

As a child, I always messed with computers and created my first flash game at age 10. From then on I was addicted and would play games all day and night if my parents let me. I started making games in C# and then I moved onto websites. Once I got bored of programming and couldn't find a sustainable career, I went into medicine and have spent the last 5 years doing that while working on side projects and creating websites for the doctors in my area. I know an quite a few languages: PHP, HTML, SASS, C#,C++ and Jquery/Javascript.

Work Experience

Team Lead - Lambda School (October 2019 - Present)

Team Leads (TLs) serve as mentors, resources, and leaders for students in their assigned sections and individual small groups. The primary goal of the TL internship is to support the learning and professional growth of Lambda School students. TLs report to a Section Lead (SL) and Lambda Student Affairs staff.

Web Developer - HIRE! Board Game (2019 - Present)

Client wanted website for their upcoming board game, 'HIRE!'. Custom built design, with custom image and video gallery. Admin webpage to edit content, add pictures, videos, audio, and text. Later on in the year, I will be creating a store for the game and expansions that will features user login/credit card storage,etc.

Web Developer - TAC Design Inc (2014 - Present)

Client wanted a simple website to show off their interior design and construction company. Custom built, private log in, photo upload, and basic web editing

Web Developer - Optimum Vision (2016 - 2017)

Optometrist wanted managing of website including adding pages/reviews. Connected to a blog and custom code for headers and footers.